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Get To Know Our Team

Come Heal Naturally with Us!
All of our products are homemade, crafted with natural ingredients and made to order. Our business is run by a mom and son team.
It's our pleasure to offer you alternative options for health and skincare.

We hope you love our products!



Founder & CEO

Healing is my passion! I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 16 years. My journey begin as a Massage Therapist back in 2004. From there I've explored the Spa world, Public Health with a focus on Diabetes and Holistic Health. I am certified in Natural Medicine and a Reiki Master/ Teacher. 

I'm committed to providing you the best products and services. Thank you for trusting me with your healing. 

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Horus the Pharaoh 

Creator & CEO

My journey for better health started while in High School. I had always studied metaphysics and how our ancient ancestors healed themselves naturally. This lead me to curate our Ionic Copper and Colloidal Silver. My goal is for you to learn to mineralize your body for better health. 

Lastly, I am engineering student and a Podcaster. 

Listen to my Podcast on all platforms at Phresh Pharaoh Ent. 

Each product that I create is made with your healing in mind. 

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