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Elderberry for the upcoming Fall season

Black Elderberries have been used to support and boost immune functions for quite some time. Elderberry is one of the top anti-viral herbs in the world.

Studies have found elderberry to be very effective in shortening the time of suffering with the flu. In lab settings we also find that elderberry has activity against such forgotten illnesses as mumps and measles.

Elderberry Benefits:

Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu symptoms can be treated by using elderberry, mainly because of it's anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid, a class of compounds with antioxidant effects.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Elderberry stimulates glucose metabolism and secretion of insulin, lowering blood sugar levels.

Sinus Infection Relief

Elderberry's anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties relieves sinus infections.

Additional Benefits

  • Promotes bone strength

  • Natural Diuretic

  • Eases Allergies

  • Natural Laxatives

  • Helps prevent cancer

  • Encourages healthy skin

  • Aids in eliminating excessive cholesterol

Elderberry is safe for all ages.

Try our Elderberry Wellness Tonic Today!


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