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I Love YOU, You should too!

What are you doing to show yourself some LOVE?

Are you taking time out of the day to look yourself in the mirror and say... I love you and actually mean it.

I know there is a huge "self love" movement happening right now. However, I often wonder if people actually love themselves. Self love can be layered and complicated. Hear me out...

In order for someone to fully love themselves, one must accept and acknowledge those oh so uncomfortable parts of ourselves. We must heal those sore spots that only we can see.

We must deal with our shit! Lay in on the line with yourself. Admit your shit and clean it up so you can move on.

Some people can move past their own issues by themselves while others require the help of a therapist. Therapist can offer a fresh outlook and assist you with dealing and healing from past trauma/ mistakes. A combination of therapy, self evaluation and accountability were essential for my self love journey.

What does self love look like?

I don't think that there is a perfect formula for self love. What I do know is that true love of self requires you to make healthy choices consistently. This includes what we put in our bodies, how we treat out bodies, how we talk to ourselves and the company we keep.

For example, knowing what we know about process foods, toxic relationships, negative thinking... why is it that we engage in these behaviors knowing how they will make us feel later? It is my understanding that we lack love of ourselves, that is the root of why we make poor decisions.

Start Today

  • Each day write down three things you like about yourself. Use and pencil and write these love notes in a place where you can see them. Say these three love notes out loud to yourself.

  • Speak to the REAL You! Say kind words to yourself each day. There is power in our words, use them.

  • Forgive! Forgive those that have hurt you, forgive yourself!

  • Get Mad! Say fuck you to all of the things that have caused you pain. I like to write down negative emotions, negative interactions and past trauma on a piece of paper. I the say" I release all things that don't serve me", then burn of shred the paper.

  • Get out of the past! Let it go and move on!

  • Stay positive and don't allow negative self talk or thinking to evade your space.

  • Workout! Cardio helps to release endorphins in the body, which make us feel good!

  • Get Well. Eat foods that enhance your mood. Such as fresh veggies.

  • Limit time spent on social media and television

  • Do something for YOU!

The road to self love can be long and rough, but there is no better time than now to start than NOW! I love you.

What are some of the things that you do to show yourself some love?


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