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The Sanity of a Sacred Space

san·i·ty /ˈsanədē/

noun the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health.

How important is your sanity? How important is your peace?

Most of us have always considered venturing outside of our home for a place to relax.

This could be the spa, park or even a nice restaurant. Don't get me wrong those are all great ideas and wonderful places to relax.

What if you could create a space, just for you in your home. A place where you could decompress, relax and ease anxiety.

A sacred space allows you the opportunity to find peace amidst chaos.

How you use that space is solely up to you. I use my "ME" space for yoga, mediation, reading and relaxation.

Creating your safe space...

Find a space or corner in your home that you think will allow the ability to relax.

  • Find an area free of clutter, dust and debris

  • Closets, spare rooms, or spaces near an window are ideal

  • Add plants, candles, incenses, pillows, stones and whatever else you prefer for your space.

  • Sage your sacred space

Whenever you feel stress or anxiety, retreat and regroup in your sacred space.

Peace and Light!


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