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Nu Ascension

Restoring & Healing 

Wellness Starts Here


Pink Lotus Flower

Welcome! I've Been Expecting You!

Let's Begin Your Path to a Nu You!

Namaste! The Divine in Me recognizes the Divine in You.

Today's world can be complicated, overwhelming and stressful.

It's filled with sudden twists and uncertain turns.

We recognize that You deserve a place where you can exhale,

Nu Ascension is just that. 

Nu Ascension is a sacred place for healing, learning, growing, exploring and joy. 

Join Us On This Journey To A Nu You!

Natural living

Explore With Us

A Nu You Begins With

Herbs and Vegetables
Healthy Living

Try new recipes with us.

We love plant based /hassle free recipes.

Learn to incorporate amazing healthy meals into your everyday life.

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Natural Products

All of our products are holistic and designed to support your overall health.

Shop with us and begin your healing journey!


Explore gardening, exercises, holistic remedies and all things wellness as we learn to reconnect with ourselves and those around us.


Learn to affirm your greatness.

Become the creator of your life.

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Peace Begins Within

" You can spend a lifetime trying to be one with the Great Spirit 
Or simply focus on love and realize that you are already One"


Your Journey Starts Here

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P.O Box 773 Lovejoy, GA 30250

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